A poem to read when I’m gone (2020)



A man has escaped from Berlin’s Tempelhof refugee camp, but finds nowhere to go. Surviving from winter till summer, the exiled experiences nonetheless a loss of heart. Afraid to disappear, he speaks out-loud to combat his solitude, before asking a prostitute to carry instructions, a poem to read when he will be « gone ».

A poem to read when I’m gone (2020) is structured around several monologues delivered as our character is moving about in the circular topography of the Berlin marginal “outplaces”: from construction site to a cash machine, metro stations and the bare streets. The protagonist is not an archetype stating the horrors of clandestinity: instead he speaks, thinks and challenges us in an original language; broken, subversive, traumatic, to tell what it feels like to be locked outside within the transparent walls of fortress Europe.

The script and the monologues are written by Stéphane Querrec.

The main role is interpreted by Korkmaz Arslan.

In Official Competition at KINO DER KUNST Film Festival Munich (2020, Luca Guadagnino  Jury President).

Original title / A poem to read when I’m gone
Type / Single channel
Country / Finland, Germany
Shooting format / Red 7K HD
Duration / 00:29:00
Language / English
Sound format / Dolby Surround 5.1
Year / 2020
Camera / Katharina Diessner; Isabel Alvarez
Sound Design / Pelle Venetjoki
Lead actor / Korkmaz Arslan
Production / Palo Productions
Executive Production Manager / Elisa Rosi
Funders / AVEK, TAIKE, VISEK, Alfred Kordellin Foundation

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